Trans women Vicky Thompson dies in male prison

A 21 year-old trans woman has been found dead in prison after her partner reports she was distressed at being sent to an all-male prison. Vicky Thompson has been given a suspended sentence in August but breached her conditions and was remanded at Bradford Crown Court. Her solicitor, Mohammed Hussain, urged for her to be […]

Transgender actor Riley Carter Millington tops this year’s Rainbow List

The Independent on Sunday has revealed its sixteenth annual Rainbow List, a list that recognises the 101 most influential lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals in Britain, with intersex people being recognised for the first time. This year, new entry Riley Carter Millingtonclaims The Independent on Sunday’s number one place, marking the first time a […]

Calls for Cameron to discuss gay rights with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

  Pressure is being put on the Prime Minister to raise the issue of gay rights when he meets with the Prime Minister of India during the next three days. The visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is intended to strengthen relations between the UK and India and issues such as finance, defence and climate […]

Calls for Trans woman to be moved from all-male prison

UPDATE: An appeal against Tara’s custodial sentence has been set for tomorrow -30th October at Bristol Crown Court. An on-site support rally has been planned. If you feel like going along and lending support, details are here. Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for a trans woman to be moved from an all-male […]

The Independent on Sunday opens nominations for its ‘Rainbow List’

  The Independent on Sunday has today opened the nominations for this year’s Rainbow List – the pioneering list, now in its sixteenth year, celebrates today’s 101 most influential lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people in Britain. This year will also see intersex people recognized for the first time. The list, formerly known as the Pink List, was […]

BRAVE – London Gay Big Band to launch Abby Road album

The London Gay Big Band (LGBB) has teamed up with thirteen of the UK’s leading vocalists to record their debut album ‘Brave’ at Abbey Road Studios. Tipped to be one of the most exciting jazz releases of the year, the album is a unique collaboration between the LGBT community group and some of the UK’s […]

Polish President vetoes gender recognition bill

  Last Friday, Polish President Andrzej Duda, vetoed the Gender Accordance Act. The bill was hailed as the country’s first gender recognition legislation in history. It would have foreseen that gender recognition could proceed to any unmarried Polish citizen, who had received two independent expert opinions. This would have brought the gender recognition procedures in […]

Victory for community as UK’s oldest LGBTQ pub becomes a listed building

  LGBTQ pub, today became a listed building! The RVT is the first building in the country listed for its significance to LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) heritage. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport confirmed the designation on the advice of Historic England (formerly English Heritage). The news is a victory for […]

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Why does religion hate us?

  The religions which don’t condemn homosexuality are few and far between. It seems like religion is the place to turn if you want to have an excuse for homophobia. But are homophobes pulled towards religion or does religion produce homophobes? And why is it that institutions which base themselves on peace and love are […]

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Can We Borrow Your Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Bus Please?

The LGBT History Month 2016 Showcase is all set to take place in Cambridge on Thursday, with Labi Siffre, Cyril Nri, Claire Mooney and Mark Jennett taking part. But alas, Rainbow the Pink Punters LGBT Bus, which was due to make an appearance in the centre of town, is unable to make it on the […]

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The philosophy of sexuality

Philosophy takes a long hard look at some of the most fundamental subjects in nature, and so it is natural that what makes us attracted to each other has also come under its spotlight. Although more often studied by psychologists, capturing the essence of why some people are attracted to members of their own sex […]

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Science Vs Belief – The search of the gay gene

Strip back homophobia to its core constituents, the justification that homosexuality is wrong comes down to one simple belief – that being gay is a choice. If being gay was something you could be genetically tested for, then all of a sudden homophobia would be left clambering for other justifications for bigotry. While finding a […]

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To ‘T’ or not to ‘T’

Hormone therapy used to be considered the be all and end all of transitioning. With gender still very much a […]

Make a Noise about bullying this Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week is back again from the 16-20th November and this year, the Anti-bullying Alliance (ABA) want your help to […]

Equality and Diversity Lead receives global accolade

Lindsey Ambrose

Lindsey Ambrose has been globally recognised in the Economist’s Top 50 Diversity Professionals list released Friday, 30 November. Chosen from […]

Barelesque 9 trailer released

The Barelesque team are back again with another hot, raunchy and very, very naughty charity event on 18 th November […]

Barelesque 9: Bad to the Bone(r)

The Barelesque team are back again with another hot, raunchy and very, very naughty charity event on 18 th November […]

New event for fans of whiskey debuts in London

A new event is making a debut in London this November. A lively and fun night out for any fans […]