A ctor and personality Christopher Biggins has been removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house after he made derogatory comments about Bigginsbisexuals and also made an inappropriate joke which relates to the Holocaust. Biggins, who is 67 and married to partner Neil Sinclair, made a joke to Jewish housemate Katie Waissel about the showers in the big brother house, which referred to the gas chambers used to execute members of the Jewish community during the Holocaust.  Soon after he was called into the diary room and asked not to use offensive language again while in the house, which he agreed to. However, he later went on to describe bisexuality as ‘the worse type of sexuality’. He remarked how bisexuals should just admit they are gay and then stunned the rest of the house by suggesting that the AIDS epidemic was actually the fault of bisexuals. He stated specifically that it was bisexuals who spread the HIV virus throughout the world by being promiscuous.  He was later called into the diary room and asked to leave the house as he had once again caused offence.

Since leaving the house, he has stated that he plans to visit Auschwitz later in the year.  He was also due to appear on This Morning to say sorry for making an offensive joke, but pulled out at the last minute. A message saying sorry was read out on his behalf instead.

Biggins caused controversy some years ago by saying that he did not support same-sex marriage and that the institution should remain for heterosexual couples only. However a few years later, he married his partner Neil, causing some to label him a hypocrite.

Natalie has been an LGBT journalist for 12 years and joined the Fyne team in 2001. Her interests outside of work are cycling, running and badminton. She is also studying for a degree in psychology.

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