B ritish singer K Anderson has added a distinctly gay slant to a classic and well-loved theme tune. The 80s TV show Cheers, which was based around a bar in Boston, had a notoriously catchy theme tune which K Anderson felt was especially apt for the LGBT+ community. The original song was sung by Gary Portnoy and was a number one both in the US and the UK.

Anderson recorded the song himself and added vintage images of LGBT+s to it to illustrate the concept. “When I was recording this song,” Anderson says, “It struck me that the lyrics, and especially the line ‘you want to go where people know, people are all the same’ could be describing the safety and solace found by outsiders in a gay bar.” He said. “I’m just naturally drawn to the melancholy!” he said. “I heard it in my head as an atmospheric piece, and that’s where I went to when putting it together. Then, the video just happened naturally after that as a complement to the sound.”

Natalie has been an LGBT journalist for 12 years and joined the Fyne team in 2001. Her interests outside of work are cycling, running and badminton. She is also studying for a degree in psychology.

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