O penly homophobic UK ‘prayer group’ Christian Voice has found itself back in the news after a long absence by stating that Caster Semenya is not a woman and Tom Daley’s career has been hindered by his ‘choice’ to be Caster_Semenya_2010gay. Christian Voice, which sparked the start of the Bourne Free event when it organised an anti-gay protest in Bournemouth in 2004, holds no punches when it comes to its views on homosexuality. The group’s leader, Stephen Green, has recently made two comments about the Olympics, one which claims controversial female runner Caster Semenya should be classified as a man, another which claims Tom Daley’s sexuality is the reason he has never won a gold medal.

Caster Semenya, the South African runner and 800 meter Olympic champion, was subject to a gender test due to her muscular body. The test did show that she had a condition that lead to higher testosterone levels than most women. However, the amount of male hormone was still below the IAAF threshold, which would have prevented her from competing against other women. In his article however, Stephen Green claims her continued inclusion was ‘unfair’ to ‘genuine women’. He further claims that God demands a level playing field and that her inclusion in the games is in direct opposition to the word of God. Mr Green has not stated whether he has any formal biology qualifications.

Mr Green later tweeted that ‘Turning gay doesn’t seem to have done Tom Daley any favours at Rio’, after Tom’s bronze medal success.  In a later tweet, Stephen said that Tom had only ‘turned gay’ because he was seduced by an older man, a reference to Tom’s partner Dustin Lance Bass. The response to the tweet was overwhelmingly in favour of Tom and most were very angry at Mr Green’s comments.


Natalie has been an LGBT journalist for 12 years and joined the Fyne team in 2001. Her interests outside of work are cycling, running and badminton. She is also studying for a degree in psychology.

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