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Joining the GMB makes sense. Being part of the GMB you can enjoy better
terms and conditions of employment than non-union members and the
GMB maintains a commitment that our members work in safe and healthy
The GMB have members in all areas of the UK labour force. Whether
you are employed in the public or private sector, in full time or
part time employment, by becoming a member you would
be part of an effective, modern union of over 600,000
So join us and receive the protection and
advice the GMB can offer as a forward
thinking union of the 21st
Join us now - unity is our strength
Regional Secretary:
Paul Hayes
Thorne House, 152 Brent Street, Hendon, London NW4 2DP
020 8202 8272
If you get caught stealing a car, you
would expect to get arrested. The same
if you were seen hitting somebody in
the street or stealing somebody’s wallet.
But what if you could also be arrested
if somebody saw you kissing your
In the UK, most of us now feel happy to hold
our partner’s hand in public. Yet in around 70
countries around the world, this simple act could
lead to questions that may potentially see you
sent to jail.
This summer 204 nations will be represented in
the London 2012 Olympic Games. The modern
Olympics are billed not just as a celebration of
sport but as a show of unity, understanding and
acceptance of our international differences. But
this feeling of unity and diversity is somewhat
tarnished when you consider 68 countries
represented in London 2012 still have laws
making certain homosexual acts illegal. That’s
28% of countries represented still openly
discriminating and criminalising the gay
In London we take for granted that we have
the right to hold a Pride Parade every year
to celebrate in a safe environment. Many
others around the world are not this fortunate.
Homosexuality is illegal in 41 of the In the
Commonwealth nations where our Queen is
Head of State with punishments ranging from
imprisonment to death. As London hosts not only
WorldPride but also the Olympic Games this year,
the eyes of the world are on us and we have the
chance to help the global LGBT community to
live without fear.
To find out how you can help
WorldPride end discrimination
around the world, visit
Love without