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summer 2012
“The University believes in social justice and equality of
opportunity for all students, staff and the wider community
and recognises the key role education has to play in this.
UWE benefits from a diverse student body and increasingly
our staff diversity reflects the students who come here. At
UWE we hope to achieve a UWE community free from
discrimination, where all students and staff treat each other
with respect. In creating this community we endeavour to
offer opportunities to our students and staff that will give
them the skills to thrive in their lives”.
Steve West, Vice-Chancellor
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‘We Are: Proud’
Bristol City Councils Equality & Community Cohesion Team are pleased to be supporting
the Community Tent at this year’s ‘We Are Proud’ event taking place outside the Council
House on College Green on Saturday 14th July, celebrating the diverse lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender communities of Bristol and the surrounding areas.
The event will be a platform for us as a Council to launch our ‘Out in the Workplace’
booklet that highlights the variety and diversity of posts LGBT people are employed
in within public bodies. The booklet captures the views of employees who share their
experience of being ‘out’ at work.
We see the Community Tent as a pivotal part of the day and we’re encouraging people to
come and find out more about their rights at work and what they can do. The Community
Tent offers a space for our LGBT communities and will be policed to ensure the safety of
all visitors.
So do take some time to visit the Community Tent and find what
we and the some 30 agencies from the public, voluntary and
community sectors are doing or could be doing to better support
our LGBT communities.
For further information on the Councils work on LGBT
communities please visit Bristol City Councils website