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Hampshire Constabulary show
continued commitment to the
LGBT community.
Diversity awareness has become an
essential part of the modern working
environment. It’s amazing to think that
it was only in 2003 that Fyne Times
reported on the first ever protection for
gays and lesbians in the workplace. Since
then, many companies have shown a
deep commitment to making the LGBT
community feel welcomed, valued and free
from discrimination.
Hampshire Constabulary is one such
organisation that have clearly shown an
over whelming consistent commitment
to the LGBT community. Over the past
five years, as an employer, they are the
only force to have maintained a top 20
position in the Stonewall annual workplace
equality index. This has led them to being
recognised every year as either the top
police force or public sector employer in
the UK or, to have shared that accolade
with one other.
Chief Constable Alex Marshall said:
“My organisation is as committed now as
it ever has been to providing an excellent
service and ensuring everyone is treated
fairly, equally and with respect.
“The fact that the competition has become
much tougher is testament to the progress
the country as a whole is making in
improving the quality of life for lesbian, gay
and bisexual people both in the workplace
and in our communities.”
Not only does the force take their role as
an inclusive employer seriously but the
service they provide to their end users is
just as important. Since 1996 the force
has created an extensive network of over
100 Lesbian and Gay Liaison officers
(LAGLOs). They support victims and
witnesses of homophobic and transphobic
crimes and incidents, encouraging them
to come forward and report offences, and
helping them through the criminal justice
The driving force behind much of this
work within the force is the Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual and Transgender Resource
Group who work both as a staff support
network for LGB&T employees and also
co-ordinates the force’s Lesbian and Gay
Liaison Officers.
Group chair Inspector Julie Fry said: “I’m
extremely proud of the fact that we’ve
maintained our sustainability as the best
police service in the UK.
“Being part of the Stonewall process
provides us with an independent
benchmark and guidance on where we’re
at and where we can continue to improve.
“It’s fair to say the force has a good track
record of supporting its lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender staff. Where
issues around sexual orientation or gender
identity do arise, the Resource Group
is always on hand to help resolve them,
by offering advice to staff members,
managers, senior leaders and the
organisation as a whole”.
The force first marched in Uniform at
Brighton pride in 2007 and once again will
have officers and staff proudly representing
them this year in 2012.
The Fyne Times team would like to
take this opportunity to congratulate
all at Hampshire Constabulary on their
excellent work and are certain that they
can continue to lead the way and provide
such a positive example in this our ever
changing social arena.