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And to join, visit or call 0845 057 7000*
Do you value the state
education system enough
to stop it disappearing
bit by bit?
Education is changing forever. From teacher
training, curriculum and assessment through
to inspection, funding, academies and free
schools, almost every aspect of state education
will be dismantled over this parliamentary
term if you allow coalition government policies
to continue unchecked.
Luton IS a inspirational place, a town that is going places with
millions being invested in development. Luton has a thriving, lively
and diverse community, and is a place that has a real buzz to it.
Recently Luton schools have achieved a place in the top 20 of the
most improved schools in the country.
With access to the rolling countryside of Hertfordshire and
Bedfordshire and only 30 minutes to London. Just a stonesʼ throw
down the road a chance to get eaten by the lions
at Whipsnade...and on your doorstep a half term
budget airline flight..itʼs easy! What more could
you want!
summer 2012