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The River just floats by
The River Dart flows through some of
the most beautiful Devon landscape
imaginable, weaving its way and then
widening in Dartmouth where it meets the
sea. Its beauty can be viewed from boats
big and small, from the walks that line
the sides of the River or from the steam
train that puffs along its banks. But some
of the very best views of the magical
River Dart can be seen from Dart Marina
Hotel & Spa which sits on the River
bank within a short walk of the galleries,
restaurants and winding shopping streets
of Dartmouth.
At Dart Marina Hotel, the new River
Restaurant, lounge and terrace, along
with guest rooms have been designed to
make the most of the views. The Terrace
is a perfect place to catch the sunshine
late into the day and guest bedrooms,
many with private balconies, have beds
positioned so that the first views when
waking are of the River. The Health
Spa is a warm scented space where
relaxation, a fitness studio and beauty
treatments are all part of the experience.
Views are also an essential part of the
menu in the River Restaurant where local
produce takes centre stage and chairs are
placed to allow guests to simply sit back,
enjoy the view through a wall of glass and
watch as the River Dart just floats by.
For further information please call Dart
Marina on 01803 832580 or visit www.
Sandquay Rd, Dartmouth, Devon TQ6 9PH.
dart marina
Call 01803 832580
...thinking of tonights menu
Chef Tom Woods