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South Cambridgeshire District
Council is committed to eliminating
discrimination and prejudice, and
developing a culture, which values
difference, both in employment and
service delivery.
Our commitment to equalities is
based on the idea of equal life
chances. We recognise that the
potential for isolation can be far
higher in communities such as South
Cambridgeshire where the rural
nature of our community adds to the
potential for disadvantage to people.
We have worked hard to ensure that our LGBT staff and
LGBT communities are valued and respected and above
all have a voice in our vibrant and evolving district.
For more information , please visit our website
Stand out
from the crowd
At Metropolitan, we’re only
discriminating about one thing:
recruiting the best people.
People who like working hard
and making a difference.
We’ve spent 7 years as a Stonewall top-100
employer, so you can be sure Metropolitan
is a great place for lesbian, gay, bisexual
and trans people to develop their careers.
We’re also improving the services we offer
to our LGBT customers. Join us, and you
can be who you want to be.
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