Candy Kittens has partnered with artist Ashton Attzs and national LGBTQ+ charity The Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT) to launch new multi-flavoured LOVES sweets. The gourmet sweet brand has also created a series of bonus episodes of the Private Parts podcast which will feature a range of LGBTQ+ voices.
Candy Kittens believes that all love is love and aims to encourage people to ‘share the LOVE’ through this exciting new partnership. Candy Kittens’ campaign will initiate meaningful conversations that foster inclusivity and understanding.

Candy Kitten’s co-founder, Jamie Laing, is hosting six bonus episodes on the hugely popular podcast, Private Parts. The series will include a range of diverse voices from across the LGBTQ+ landscape, including Ashton, a caseworker from the Albert Kennedy Trust, actor Layton Williams, actor Nathaniel Curtis, and Sink the Pink and Mighty Hoopla co-founder, Glyn Fussell. The goal is to offer each individual a chance to share their own unique story but also educate listeners and Candy Kittens fans, by always sharing the love.

The LOVES gourmet sweets are thoughtfully multi-flavoured, mixed with a rainbow of natural fruit flavours and colours, representing the diverse tastes of sweet-treat fans. This is reflected within the on-pack artwork which award-winning artist, Ashton Attzs, has beautifully designed. An acclaimed winner of the Evening Standard Art Prize, Ashton’s inspiring illustrations celebrate diversity and inclusion, empowering the LGBTQ+ community.

Candy Kittens will also share the LOVE by giving back through supporting The Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT) – the national LGBTQ+ charity who support those experiencing homelessness, abuse, and rejection.

Candy Kittens founder, Jamie Laing, says: “We want to continue celebrating and sharing the LOVE and we are so honoured to be working with Ashton Attzs and AKT for our new LOVES sweets. We recognise that love comes in many different forms, but there is a large community that still faces severe adversity. Through the platforms and voices of Candy Kittens, Ashton Attzs and I, aim is to amplify the voices of the LGBTQ+ community and raise awareness of the ongoing support the community requires. This important collaboration signifies Candy Kittens’ commitment to giving back, listening, and working closely with the communities we seek to highlight, help, and celebrate everyone’s individuality that makes them who they are”.

Ashton Attzs says: “Working with Candy Kittens has been such a fun, friendly, and wonderfully sincere experience. It’s so refreshing to work with a brand that cares about giving back, genuinely listens, and actively supports LGBTQ+ individuals and community- based charities. My experience with Candy Kittens has been the polar opposite of the typical approach by many brands, who often treat pride as a mere tick-box and fail to provide tangible support for the LGBTQ+ community. This collaboration has genuinely made me appreciative and excited”.

The “Candy Kittens LOVES Ashton Attzs” collaboration is a testament to Candy Kittens’ commitment to inclusivity, support, and celebrating diversity. By sharing the love, we can build a more accepting and compassionate world for all.

Listen to the podcast here:

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