Royal Museums Greenwich will once again celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month with a range of events for all ages, including a family festival, an after-hours symposium, and a masquerade ball. 


Out at Sea 

17 February, 11am-4pm 

Visit the National Maritime Museum for the annual Out at Sea festival, celebrating queer maritime history through the ages. There will be live performances, storytelling, talks and creative workshops for all ages. Bring family and friends to see a line-up of queer historians, artists and performers celebrating LGBTQ+ history, identities, and communities. 


Age: Suitable for all ages 


© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London 


Queer History Club Symposium 

22 February, 6pm-9pm 

An evening of queer history at the National Maritime Museum hosted by the Museum’s Queer History Club, who have been exploring the archives for LGBTQ+ stories. Hear from the researchers and artists about their process and findings in this inaugural symposium. 


Age: Suitable for ages 16 and above 



Fierce Queens: Masquerade 

1 March, 7pm-11pm 

In celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month, the Queens House is throwing open its doors for a ball like no other – the Fierce Queens Masquerade. Hosted by resident Drag King 

and Queen, Adam All and Apple Derrieres, this spectacular soirée at the House of Delight invites ticketholders to celebrate, explore, disguise and un-masque their splendid identity(ies). Taking place every year in the heart of historic Greenwich, the ever-popular annual event brings together performers and historians for an unforgettable night of queer liberation and LGBTQ+ representation.  


Age:Suitable for ages 16 and above 

Admission:Adult £16 | Student £13 

© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London 


LGBTQ+ Family Network 

16 March | 18 May | 20 July | 21 September | 23 November 


A safe space for local LGBTQ+ families to meet one another, get involved in creative activities for all ages and explore the stories within the collection. 


Age:Suitable for all ages  


© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London 


Fierce Royals Audio Guide Tour 

Daily, 10am-5pm 

Drag king and historian Christian Adore leads listeners on a personal audio tour of the Queen’s House, sharing just some of the hidden LGBTQ+ stories contained within its galleries. Along the way, he will introduce the performers and artists that haven taken part in RMG’s annual Fierce Queens event, allowing them to share their own experiences of representation and inclusivity in the historic space. All that is needed for the tour is a phone and the Smartify app. 






Sailors and Sexuality: Searching for LGBTQ+ histories in the Royal Navy 

Library Assistant Shane presents his findings from a search for LGBT histories within the Caird Library and Archive collections. 


Short Film Created by the 2023 LGBTQ+ Families in Residence 

In early 2023, a group of families from the LGBTQ+ Family Network worked with animator Lily Ash Sakula to create a short animated film inspired by the museum’s collection and LGBTQ+ histories and stories. Over the course of three sessions they explored storytelling, storyboarding, animation and editing. Their short animated film was premiered at the Out at Sea family festival 


Discover Highlights from 2022’s LGBTQ+ Family Residency 

In January and February 2022, Aden, Dylan, Julia and Laura became the National Maritime Museum’s first LGBTQ+ Family in Residence. During their residency, they worked with artist Jenny Staff to create a family-friendly workshop for Out at Sea, our annual LGBTQ+ family festival. From exploring the Museum’s collections to making a rainbow boat, discover some of their highlights from the project. 


Tito Bone’s Favourite Things 

Tito Bone is a blind, non-binary, bisexual drag king. Spend some time with Tito as they audio describe their way through some of their favourite things at the National Maritime Museum. You’ll get glitter, fabulousness and a bit of insight into what it means to be a human existing at the intersection of the disability and LGBTQ+ culture. 


Breaking the Spell with Bird la Bird 

In a queer rebuff to the Queen in a ruff, Bird La Bird will break the spell of monarchical magic and invite the audience to look away from the figurehead to find queer history. Featuring composer and artist The Mollusc Dimension. 


How to Make a Rainbow Badge 

Badges, pins, ribbons and medallions tell a story about the person wearing them. 

There are many in the National Maritime Museum’s collection. Some are awards, others are used for identification. Learn how to make your own colourful badge with step-by-step instructions. 


True Colours: Trailblazing Transgender Service in the British Military 

Caroline Paige reveals the untold story of what it meant to be transgender in the British military before and after permissive LGBT service, the highs and the lows, in peacetime and in war. 


Queer Histories in the Navy 

As part of LGBTQ+ History Month 2016, author and LGBT/gender historian, Jo Stanley wrote a blogpost discussing queer history in the navy. 


Queer Histories in the Queen’s House 

Royals, courtiers and complex relationships – what can we learn from exploring the lives of those who loved at the Queen’s House? 



All Images © National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London 


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